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Salsura Nutrition BPC-157 stable form

Salsura Nutrition BPC-157 stable form
  • Salsura Nutrition BPC-157 stable form
  • Salsura Nutrition BPC-157 stable form
Salsura Nutrition BPC-157 stable form
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BPC-157 in a stable form – peptide salt


BPC-157 is a peptide with an amino acid sequence corresponding to a fragment of a larger protein found in human gastric juice - Body Protection Compound. Taking into consideration the inconvenience associated with the injcection form of BPC-157, we decided to create a supplement that can be administered orally without the loss of its essential properties at the same time.


In terms of good absorption after oral administration,  we needed to increase the stability of the compound. The solution to the problem was the change of  BPC-157 chemical form - the salt with the amino acid. This combination guarantees better stability in gastric juice, higher temperature resistance and better bioavailability - the compound does not degrade in the gastrointestinal tract, during storage under different temperature conditions and finally is better absorbed. 


What is BPC-157 used for?


  • Acceleration of tissue regeneration and in the recovery period after injuries and surgery
  • During periods of intense training load 
  • To reduce inflammation
  • Auxiliary, in digestive, absorption and gastroesophageal reflux disorders
  • Gastrointestinal regeneration and reconstruction of the gastric mucosa, damaged by alcohol abuse and NSAIDs
  • Auxiliary, in neurodegenerative diseases

According to the literature and empiric approach, the most optimal daily dosing is the 1mcg - 250 mcg range per day. The proposed dosage is both preventative and supportive. Depending on the individual case, the dosage may be modified for higher or lower doses. BPC 157 can be successfully combined with other supplements.


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